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The start of safe navigation begins
with Korea Ocean Development
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Since its foundation in 1973 KODCO has contributed to safe navigation for more than 40 years.
With products ranging from paper products to a wide range of navigation equipment and digital products,
its efforts will continue.

Distribution of Domestic Nautical Charts&Publications

1973 Distributor of Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency(KHOA)

Distributor of Overseas Nautical Charts&Publications

1975 Distributor of National Imagery and Mapping Agency (N.I.M.A)
1978 Distributor of National Ocean Service (N.O.S)
1980 Distributor of United Kindom Hydrographic Office (U.K.H.O)
1985 Distributor of Japan Coast Guard (J.C.G)
1992 Distributor of Royal Australian Navy (R.A.N)
1996 Distributor of ENC Chart published by J.C.G
1997 Distributor of ARCS Chart published by U.K.H.O
1997 Distributor of Meridian Software (Software for ENC)
2000 Distributor of ENC Chart & Digital Chart by KHOA

Distributor of Specialized Marine Affairs Books

2003 Distributor of Lloyd's Register Fairplay  IMO, ICS/OCIMF/SIGOTT, USCG, ITU,
Shipping Guides, Browns Son & Ferguson, GPO, The Stationery Office..etc

Nautical Chart & ENC Manufacturing

2001 Registered Manufacturing Chart KHOA
2010 Software Business Registration
2010 Established R & D Center

Establishment of Quality Management

2001 Certificated ISO 9001:2000, KS A 9001:2001 (BVQI)
2010 Certificated ISO 9001:2008, KS A 9001:2009 (BVQI)
2014 Certificated INNO-BIZ
2018 Certificated ISO 9001:2015 (ABS)